K'yori Maerdyn

The Crystal Wraith


He ded.


The leader of a drow house, K’yori overthrew the matriarchy hundreds of years ago and established himself as the House leader. A mage devoted to the study of ways to enhance his magic, he was fascinated with the way the crystals and gems of the earth resonated with the magical weave of the universe.

Through the centuries, he experimented on himself, embedded crystals in his body that were capable of providing him protection from spells, as well as absorb and captures spells cast at himself, letting him rechannel their energy as his own no matter their original source.

After discovering that the gnomes of Komheim had stumbled across some new forms of magic, he rallied his house to try and find a way to steal the gnomes secrets.

His efforts were ended by a rogue party of fortunate heroes who managed to paralyze him with divine might and prevent him from escaping his compound unharmed.

K'yori Maerdyn

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