The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Darion Journal 9

We entered the caverns the goblins said the drow had claimed. They would stay at the entrance to guard it and protect our way back. As we marched, it seems my mind wondered and I daydreamed. I dreamed I was someone else, but still myself. I was a warrior that used magic to augment his skills instead on a mage gifted with the song. I was soon waken out of that dream. It seems we had arrived.

Before us was a large cavern, mage light speckled everywhere and glowing moss. Close to the tunnel opening we were in were two buildings. The one to our left was guarded by those shrieking plant life. The one to our left seemed unguarded. Neferiti sent Carrisa to investigate, having the best chance to be quiet and go unnoticed. It seems she wasn’t as successful as we had hoped. As she neared the building, the door burst open and drow poured out.

They were on her before we could move and she was dropped quick. As we rushed in, the drow turned to us. Idrathor was able to cast some of his healing to help her. We had a harder time with these drow then we should have, but we were not at our best. The last few fights had taken a toll on us. We finally dispatched the last of drow, but we were weary. We hid the bodies but left a mess but it couldn’t be helped. We went into the building, which turned out to be a kind of barracks. We needed a rest to recoup our strength. But that wasn’t to be. Soon after we had settled down, we heard noises outside. We looked and discovered several shambling forms coming toward the barracks.

We decided to wait for them to come in the barracks and take them on where they would be limited. One burst in and was dispatched quickly. Carrisa threw metal marbles on the ground outside the door, this kept us from getting overrun, I think. As the creatures entered one by one, we dispatched them quickly. Then they attempted to come through the window. I battled one of them through one of the windows and it seemed Neferiti was doing the same at the other one; i heard her cry out in pain but couldn’t make out what was happening as the door was her and what transpired over there. As the last of the creatures started to run, everyone rushed toward the door. Omega flipped off Neferiti’s back, over the metal marbles and stopped the creatures from getting away. We were able to quickly down the remaining ones. We decided the barracks were not a safe place and looked toward the secured building.

I remembered reading somewhere that the Drow used those poison darts on the plants down here. So we tried them on the mushrooms and the darts knocked the them out and Carrisa was able to unlock the door. She and Omega watched the area as the rest of us entered the building. We discovered what looked to be a jail. There was a large, dragon man in one of the cells. There was another cell, empty, and two doors at the end of the room; one along the same wall as the cells and the other at the other end of the room. Neferiti talked to the dragon man and tried to determine why he was there. I counseled caution, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, but she thought we should take the chance.

We heard a noise from behind the door on the other side of the room. The dragon man said it was the jailer. Neferiti offered to let him out if he would help us. He said he would help us but now that there was light, he could release himself. He cast a spell and the earth moved around the bars enough for him to get out. Omega and Carrisa came into the building and Omega lent the dragon man his weapon (not sure why he even has those, his unarmed combat is exceptional). We headed to the other end of the room when we heard whistling coming from the other door. As we came up to it, I realized that the door lead to another cell, encased in metal. The party talked to the prisoner through the metal and decided to trust him; Carissa opened the door and a gray gnome came out and immediately began prattling about “his things”.

We prepared ourselves for the “jailer”; he made his entrance by breaking in the door. It looked like a hugh, heinous drow with four arms. We all attacked, even the two newly released prisoners. The gnome used a crossbow Neferiti had given him at first an then one of the commandeered hand crossbows, the dragon man with his spells . After a hard fight we were able to defeat the jailer. The little gnome took off running past the body into the back room, Omega, Neferiti, and Carrisa followed. Later the rest of entered the back room, after the dragon man hacked up the jailer and took a piece of him, he almost seems like Oog-rok, ha. As we entered the room, it seems the prisoner’s things were kept in a chest there. The gnome had already gotten his things and was fawning over a peculiar looking item. After inspecting it, he carried it like one of those hand crossbows, but I didn’t see where he would put the bolts.

We decided this building was a more secure place to take a short rest. We closed the door and the dragon man moved the ground up against it to make it more difficult to get in. We all moved to the back and rested for about an hour. Although not a long time, it helped to take the breather.

We exited the jail and headed toward the back of the cavern we were in. There was a underground river here with a bridge crossing it and a building set into the back of the cavern wall. As we headed toward the bridge we detected a ward of some sort in the middle of the bridge. Carrisa was able to sneak across without setting it off but none of the rest of us felt comfortable with our skills to accomplish that task. So we came up with a plan of walking across the water using a ring Idrathor had acquired in our earlier adventures. The dragon man was going to stand on a rock in the middle of the river and use a magical spell, something I’ve seen before but don’t know myself, and take the ring from one person as they cross the river and give it to another so they could use it to cross.

All was going well until we heard a shout for us to halt come from the other side. We had forgotten to be stealthy!! The object of our quest, the “Crystal Wraith” and a hand few of drow had come out of the building (the gnome seemed to recognize one of them). He told us to come across and asked us what was our business there, I think he was confused seeing Idrathor there with us. While talking to us though, he saw the two prisoners we had release with us and decided we were his enemy. He directed his men to attack us. Oog-Rok cast some kind of spell on the “Wraith” that seem to make him afraid of him.

Along with the drow we had to contend with other ward spells it and some kind of lightning imps. We were able to take a couple of the drow and one of the imps out early. The gnome seemed to concentrate on the one drow he recognized. He use that strange hand weapon he had. It was no hand crossbow! When he used it, it made a loud sound, almost like a lighting strike, and something would cause a hole in the drow, if he hit. Could this be some type of magical artifact? I will have to try and examine it later. Even though we seemed to start off well, it was still a hard fight. The drow the gnome took a particular notice in threw an apparently magical javelin that struck half the party and impaled the dragon man. The “Wraith” teleported around a few times and casted some kind of poison cloud at us. We finished off the underlings and turned to the “Wraith”; he casted a lightning bolt at us, that fell a few of us, and disappeared. Oog-Rok charged to the spot where our goal had been but he was not there. We stayed on alert, moved to give aid to our fallen, and searched the area for him. Suddenly another lightning bolt struck out at us. We all attacked the area where it had came from and made him appear. We were able to finish him off before he finished us. Neferiti took his hand as the proof we needed to show the Gnomes we had accomplished their tasks.

We searched the building and the bodies of the fallen drows and discovered a few wondrous items; most noticeably a portable hole! A magical portal that led to a room that was filled with treasure. While I was casting a detect magic spell, I made sure to look at the gnome’s hand weapon and it was not magical; it must be some kind of mechanical device. We decided to rest a full night here. We still have to get back to the Gnomes, but all of us were battered and depleted of all energy. Hopefully, after the rest, we can make it back to the Gnome area with little altercation.



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