The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Reflection of Gajdael

Journal 26th of dawntide

Awful food and the jailer creeps me out. they took my weapons and tried to break me by putting me in a dark box ooooh im so scared of the dark when i can see in it idiots. soo boring though they took my book so i couldn’t even draw up my next project. As it happens though my gods delivered me to freedom as that motley crew of travelers were passing through. bit of a scuffle with the jailer. Damn spider lovers turned him into a daemonic monster. i gathered my things and at last my arm was complete again as i recovered my Charm! we got to this mansion across from this trapped bridge we were a bit too hasty though as they detected us and called us forth. they instantly recognized me and the dragon gent which was fine because my mark was there. after some traded blows with some of their elite fighters and a dreadful poison cloud obscuring my view and causing me to be too reckless and almost breaking my Charm i delivered that 8 leg humper to whatever sad afterlife awaited him perhaps his soul is being twisted by Ronox as i write this. i can only dream. That goblin really surprised me. that Chrystal lover was very scary but seemed his plan didnt go as he had planned as the fool killed most of his own minions out of fear of the little hero. Cruelty of Drow never ceases to surprise even me. after liberating a few rounds in his chest that crafty little bladeslinger cut him down. im impressed by some of these adventures maybe they have what it takes to do some real good out there maybe its time for me to see the outside again if such miraculous good was born in the most unlikely people. it’ll take me time to trust the Drow healer but perhaps we can find common ground. ive already seem two miracles today why stop there. in the end i emptied my last shot into my targets dead corpse i thought it would make me feel better. it did, but then it also felt bittersweet. i could feel the judgment shift towards me as i reloaded Charm. we found a treasure hoard in the house nice bit of wealth hope i get something. been eyeing those gauntlets my pack has been heavy and i could use the lifting maybe i could ask i dont need them but being able to carry someone out of danger might be useful especially if they need help. all those weapons excite me most i would just melt most down for raw materials or sell but i need the resources. ill be honest my Charm wasnt cheap to build and ive already started on my next marvel ill try drafting later though the death of that overcooked Keebler elf fucker has me distracted. Mirana that was for you may your soul be at peace if not already.


sorry thought it posted the incomplete one

Reflection of Gajdael

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