The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Omega Journal #8

The Crystal Wraith

We marched on the Crystal Wraith’s compound this morning. The tunnel leading to the Wraith was guarded by 3 Drow and 2 flaming abyssal hounds. We developed a plan to cast darkness on an arrow and fire it at the Drow. This would give us time to get closer to them and provide us protection as we closed that gap. The goblins were to stay back and provide us some ranged support by attacking them using their bow and arrows. We fired our arrow and moved in. Immediately the darkness landed on the arrow in front of them and enveloped the three Drow and 2 dogs. We got close to the darkness and readied for our foes to enter our view. After a few seconds of nothing happening the two dogs appeared behind us out of thin air. The first let out a terrible shriek and I immediately rushed up to face this beast head on. I fought with all the training I had just to keep this beast focused on me, giving my contingency the freedom to attack the rest of our enemies with no fear of attack from this hound. I furiously attacked my foe while being very careful to avoid ALL his attacks. Had I spent more focus on attacking him and less avoiding his attacks I may have been able to bring him down but alas I did not. My companions had managed to take down the other hell hound and 1 of the Drow but our morale was growing low. It was at this time that the Goblin army we brought along finally stepped in and attacked. They finished off the other two Drow before the final hell hound disappeared, presumably to warn the other Drow of our coming. The goblins approached and Oog-Rok spoke with them about our plans. They told us what to look for as on our way back out so that we wouldn’t fall into the trap they were going to set for anyone coming.

We entered and immediately saw 4 buildings. The closer one on the left was a secure facility of some type, with no windows and those screaming mushrooms surrounding the whole building. We attempted to sneak to the building on the right but were quickly noticed by the waiting Drow. After a short struggle we managed to kill off the hostiles and equipped ourselves with a few of their hand crossbows and the poison darts that they had that were putting us to sleep. We wanted to rest so we barricaded ourselves in their barracks. Not more than 5 min into our rest we were interrupted by these wolf like creatures that walked on two legs. They quickly found our hiding spot….which was never a good spot anyway… and attacked. We blocked their entrance so that only one of them could enter the building at a time. They funneled in one by one until only a couple were left alive. As they attempted to flee I leaped off the back of Neferiti, leaping over the ball bearings that Carrisa had dropped to slow the beasts, and prevented their retreat. The rest of the group quickly dispatched the remaining monsters and we decided that MAYBE this wasn’t a very good place to try to rest.

Darion remembered that the Drow would use the sleeping darts that we took off our enemies to put the screaming mushrooms to sleep. We darted the couple near the entrance of the secure looking facility and entered. Carris and I stayed out front to watch for any more of our enemies as the group entered and found it to be a prison. After a few seconds of talking I heard a loud thumping noise coming from the back. Then I heard it again and I knew something bad was about to happen. We quickly entered and closed the door behind us as the noise came closer. I guess there were a couple of prisoners being held captive that the party decided to release…. Sometimes I feel like they are way to trusting… One of the prisoners told us the noise we were hearing was the Jailer and we should prepare for battle. There were two doors near the back of the prison where the noise was heard from. I approached the door and looked for any way to perhaps block it off so that it couldn’t be opened but there was nothing. The doors smashed open and the monster that stood before us was huge. It was some sort of mixture between a Drow and a Demon with 4 arms. The beast laughed and started to attack. Oog-Rok yelled something at it and threw a bottle of poison at it. This only seemed to make the beast angry as he lashed out, biting Oog-Rok and swiping at him twice with his huge claws. Oog-Rok fell immediately as the rest of us fought hard to bring it down. Idrathor blessed Oog-Rok and brought him back from death. We were finally able to slay the beast and one of these prisoners immediately ran through the doors to the back room. I followed quickly to ensure he wasn’t trying to grab a weapon to attack us with or something. He went for a chest near the back of the room, which appeared to be some sort of torture chamber, as the rest of the party came closer. Carrisa unlocked the chest and rifled through the contents revealing it to be filled with only the prisoners gear. Upon closer inspection the door to the prison locked form the inside so we locked up and one of the prisoners created some sort of difficult terrain to block the entrance in case something managed to make it inside. We took the opportunity to rest and recover a bit from our wounds. During our rest I discovered that one of the prisoners could speak infernal. I had never met another person who could speak Infernal before. He asked about my bloodline and told me how he learned to speak the language. He told me that he learned from studying ancient text, which explained why some of his dialect was so strange.

After a short rest we moved farther into the cavern, looking for our target. The two prisoners decided to join us and wanted to assist in our attack on the Wraith. As we approached a large Mansion that was carved into the cavern side 3 Drow ran out to meat us followed by the Crystal Wraith. We sprang into action and I ran up to the closest Drow and attempted to stun him. He proved to be quite the adversary as I was unable to bring him down. Neferiti came over to help me out but even together we couldn’t bring him down. His attacks were so strong and I quickly found myself on the edge of death, ready to greet whoever it is guiding my hand. The Wraith hit me and Neferiti with a lighting bolt and I fell… I was ready to meat this mysterious goddess who had been guiding my actions unbeknownst to me. As I was ready to embrace my fate she spoke to me saying “Not yet my champion, you still have a purpose on this world” and I found myself being infused with life again. As I came to I found the small gnomish prisoner applying a salve to my wounds. Before I could even act, Carrisa ran through and finished the Wraith off with her rapier. The battle was over and we had defeated our foes. We entered the Wraith’s mansion and searched for anything of value. I did not find anything though my companions seemed happy with the items they had discovered. Mounds of money and a few magical items lay within the house as well as a portable hole that could be folded up but when opened had enough space to fit a couple barbarians. Quite a large space really. The party decided that this was the best place for us to rest for the day and we bedded down for some well deserved rest.

I found the quietest place I could find and began to meditate. Thinking hard on the words that this goddess had spoken to me. I asked her what my purpose was and why she chose me. Who is this mysterious goddess? Why me? I hope to find the answers I seek one day. All I know is that I need to figure out how to bring down this Lych and put an end to this disrespect of death. I will show everyone the true meaning of death. If they will not show it respect then I will teach it to them.



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