The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Omega Journal #7

navigating the caves

When I awoke the next morning, I recalled the dream I had. I remembered the woman I saw, an exotic looking woman, pale of skin with raven black hair and eyes. I’m not ready to tell my companions just yet, I’m not sure exactly what is going on just yet… We traveled through the cave system for a long time when we came across a fork in our path, a weird light emanating from the moss on the walls. As we got closer, the moss attacked us. There was a second moss across the room that slowly made its way towards us as we tried with all our might to defeat the first one. We barely managed to defeat the first as the second approached us. We kited around the second and found our exit.

As we progressed through the tunnels even farther we entered a room where we found a giant worm-like creature. Out of no where there was a strange light that beckoned me towards it. As I ran to it I got stuck in this web that was nearly invisible on the ground. I managed to break free of the webs as my companions and I fought through the worms attacks. Oog-rok ended up slaying the beast and thought it would be a good idea to cut up the monster and save his meat to eat later. While he carved through the beast he hit the stomach (I can only assume because he had no idea what he was doing) and the stench was near unbearable.

We continued through the tunnels where we happened upon a a camp. Ensuring we were out of range to be seen, we investigated the creatures that were there. As it happened, we had come across a goblin camp. Oog-rok had us stay behind as he went out and tried to talk to them. He convinced them that he was there to rid the tunnels of the evil Drow that had been inhabiting them. That’s when Oog-rok brought out Idrathor and the goblins lost their nerve. They claimed that Oog-rok was a liar and was there to kill them. Oog-rok managed to convince them that THIS Drow as good and that he was there to help them defeat the evil drow but the Goblin leader still wasn’t having it. Oog-rok challanged the leader to a fight for supremacy, the winner would become the new leader of the goblins. The leader agreed and as the fight began both the goblins dropped their weapons as Oog-rok rushed forward and punched the leader. The leader, being a Goblin (Known for not being exactly good) ran back, grabbed his weapon and attacked Oog-rok with it. He yelled a bunch of crap in Goblin and the other goblins cheared. Oog-rok walked up and punched the goblin one time and the leader crumpled into a tiny heap of flesh on the ground. I don’t know exactly what he did but he had to have asked his god for help on that hit because he floored that little thing so quickly. He didn’t want to kill the goblin so he brought him back up and agreed to co-lead the goblin force (around 20 of them). We spent the evening with the goblins, drinking and partying. Tomorrow we march on the Drow fortress and I hope that we are able to complete our mission. This will not be an easy task….



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