The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Omega Journal #6

Day 2 in the Gnomish Kingdom:

I woke up this morning to more guards, no surprise. Oog-Rok just walks out of the tavern without telling anyone and no one seems to care so I will be following suit. It seems more and more to me that this group of individuals only cares about completing the mission and honestly cares nothing for each other. It came as no surprise that I am treated like a monster by the Gnomes, I just wish they would at least show some decorum and stop calling us names. These people should be grateful we even came down here to help them at all. The information we have will really help them and we only seek their best interest, the least they could do it treat us with some respect. Between these ungrateful gnomes and my uncaring “companions” I am starting to think I made a mistake… I just don’t know….

Day 3 in the Gnomish Kingdom:

Well… I got arrested yesterday. I spent the night in their “jail” handcuffed. After I left the tavern I wandered the city looking around, followed closely by two impotent guards who think they are safer because they took my swords. Everywhere I went I was looked at with distaste and hatred, only for being what I am (something I have no control over). I walked around for a long while thinking to myself, “why I am even here and why we were trying to help these half-wits”. I felt anger, I felt hatred, I felt confused…. For the first time in my life I had no idea what I was doing and couldn’t seem to formulate a plan. I ended up wandering into a shop that sold many ornate weaponry, all of the items in this place were decorative. As soon as I entered the store I was again treated with disgust by the shop owner who wouldn’t let me even step within 5 feet of them. I could feel the anger boiling inside, a hatred and an urge to fight back. I am lucky to have had my training growing up and I pushed those thoughts aside quickly. I went to view the swords and I found one that I thought looked quite brilliant but as I reached down to pick it up the guards immediately drew their weapons and demanded that I step away. This was a blunted weapon….. I could do more damage without this blade yet I am unable to handle it? Again, the anger and hatred boiled… I was able to push the thoughts aside again, this time seemed to take more effort though…. I walked over to view some decorative armor and I lost it…. I have never struggled to keep control before in my life but I lost it. I turned, ready to show those little creatures just how unsafe they really were before I caught myself. The anger in my head and the urge fight was still there but I was able to put the bridle my urges but I had to get out of there. With the urges were still on the forefront of my thoughts I got out of there. I needed to get back to the tavern and try to find either Oog-Roc or Idrathor. I ran as fast as I could, trying to get back to them when I was hit in the back with a bolt. The pain that shot through my body seemed to clear my head. It was right then that I regained complete control and stopped running. Knowing that I was in the wrong and not wanting to mess up my companions chances of completing their mission. I was escorted to my cell for the night and I had a long while to sit and meditate on what was going on inside my head.

The next day I was escorted (by quite a lot of guards) to the counsel meeting where I met up with my traveling companions again. During the meeting, each counsel member had a turn to discuss whether we were there to do evil or good. I listened to each counsel member talk and half of them just let their racism and prejudices guide their decisions. As I stood there, it became more and more prevalent that these people had already made up their mind as to what we were there for simply based on what we looked like. I will say that there were a select few of them that gave us a chance, though most of them seemed to be the younger ones. When it was the minister of Justice’s turn to speak, he spoke to each of our wrong doings. When he asked me, “The Demon Child” as he called me, what I if I had a defense prepared for myself. I could feel the anger coming back again, though I was able to maintain control of my emotions. I said to the counsel that it didn’t matter what I said, they had already made up their minds as to what we were and they were letting their prejudices blind them to the facts. When asked if I was a worshiper of Izual I told them yes and that I had no reason to hide it. The minister of Faith spoke to me and i explained that I had visions from Izual and told them that she was angry and felt betrayed. The Minister of Faith argued our case, not without throwing a comment out about how I was wrong about Izual. Why does everyone keep saying this, she has spoken to me and given me her counsel….

The last to speak was a really aged Gnome who was the minister of war. He spoke a bit against us and told everyone not to trust us because we had not “proven” ourselves. I felt that anger again and loosed my lips this time. I told them they were aged and needed to forget their prejudices, that they closed up their tunnels years ago and their hatred and prejudices had time to fester. If this was their concern then let us prove ourselves.

The counsel held the vote and we went even. 4 against and 4 for us. One abstained so it came down to one vote, the Minister of War. He chose to give us a task to prove ourselves and if we are able to complete the mission then we will deemed non-dangerous. I was still so angry but I guess that’s a win for now… We are supposed to eliminate the Drow threat on the Gnomish Kingdom.

As soon as the counsel was done I went straight back to the tavern, to my room, to find solace. I was followed by Neferiti and Carrisa who wanted to discuss what was going on with me. I explained that I was just confused and angry. I felt like I had betrayed the few people that did accept me and killed the only person that I considered my friend. I have been treated like a monster for my whole life and I was unhappy with how things were playing out. I got some pretty good advice from Neferiti who told me the story of the weed in the desert. If nothing else I felt like these people coming into my room and taking the time to show they cared… Maybe they really did care about me.

Day 4 in the Gnomish Kingdom:

After a good nights sleep we set off to complete the task of proving ourselves to the Gnomes. We made our way out to the teleportation pad to take us out to the tunnels so we could head west towards the believed location of the evil Drow. We started west and found our way to a rope bridge crossing a VERY deep chasm. Oog-Rok went first since he was the lightest but as he neared the end of the bridge Nadir stepped out and halted his progression. I could see what was going on and immediately warned the group. Oog-Rok stepped up and tried to push nadir back off the bridge to allow our group to get to him for help but Nadir just grabbed Oog-Rok’s shield and stopped his push. I sprinted accross the bridge and gave Nadir a big shove back so he wasn’t blocking the bridge’s exit for the rest of our group. Nadir hit Oog-Rok once and took him out of thee fight. He then turned to me and spoke to me, saying that I would no longer be the champion of the usurper of Izual’s throne. He said Izual had sent him back to kill me….. And how else could he have gotten there?…. I don’t know what to do anymore. Every one keeps telling me that I don’t serve Izual. I not only betrayed my friends, family, and church but have I now betrayed my God…. We spent the rest of the fight healing Oog-Rok long enough for Nadir to get a couple more hits on him and knocking him out of the fight repeatedly. We took Nadir down but not without a couple of really strong hits from each member of the team. I removed his head from his body and hurled it across the room which didn’t seem to slow Nadir down at all. Eventually we finished off Nadir using fire and his body dissolved into dust and ash, though I feel we have not seen the last of him…..

Our party decided to take a rest since the damages we sustained were pretty harsh. While resting and meditating I feel I became stronger. After analyzing the fight with Nadir I feel like I may have learned a better understanding of my Ki energy and I even think I may have figured out how to use my Ki to stun someone. I will have to test this out in my next fight but I feel pretty confident about it. I am even faster with my attacks now too.

I am going to go meditate more and see if I can receive an answer from whichever God is infiltrating my mind. If I am not receiving guidance from Izual then who is speaking to me. I am losing control of everything and I need to spend more time meditating on these visions/thoughts. I have not been practicing my meditations lately and I feel like I am losing control on my whole world. I will come back from this and I will figure out who is doing this to me….



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