The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Darion's Journal part 7

We still have another day to wait to see the Gnome Council. After yesterday’s interactions with the Gnomes, I decided to wait in the tavern where at least Coppernose was open to my companions. I sat and sipped my drinks all day, eating occasionally; I noticed Oog-Rok and Omega had left earlier, I’m not sure if together or separate. Oog-Rok, after his uncommon quiet, seemed to be himself again. Idrathor seemed to be meditating or praying. Carrisa and Neferiti decided to stay in the tavern too.

We had been sitting around, drinking, eating and talking when Coppernose came up to us and told us that Omega had been shot and arrested for attempting to escape, I didn’t tell them that he was the one of our party that could’ve taken on the guards without his equipment and be just as deadly, it probably wouldn’t have help their distrust any to hear that. We wanted to go see him, to at least attend to his wounds but Coppernose said we would not be able to see him until the meeting with the council. He assured us Omega would be tended to and treated fair until the meeting, we grudgingly accepted his word, what else could we do.

Oog-Rok came back agitated and proceeded to tell us that the meeting with the council was to decide whether we lived or died, it seems his “friends” (the guards) had informed him of this.

We decided to have our supper and wait on the morning to see what was to come of our meeting and our fate. Coppernose gave us some advice on how the council meeting would go and wished us well.

The morning of the meet, Coppernose was absent from the tavern, which was strange. We were escorted to the floating barges and taken to the council chamber building. The building was large, enormous by Gnome standards I’m sure. Omega was escorted up by a large contingent of guards. I tried to not to smile thinking of him twirling, punching and king in them as the we’re so close to him thinking they had the upper hand. But he was meek among them and composed almost distant.
We’re we lead onto the building, it looked to be made up solely of the Council Chambers. In front of us were the 10 chairs for the council members, as Coppernose told us, with the council members seated in them (Coppernose was in one of the member chairs!) and the one chair set back and higher, empty, for the non-existent king.

The council was like any other governing body; so full of their own self-importance. They proceed to introduce them. I honestly couldn’t remember them all the important ones were Kellien, Coppernose (who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs!), the Minister of War, who also happened to be Kellien’s father.
They stood up one by one and gave their opinion on why we should or should not be trusted. The Minister of Education (?) bought up Idrathor’s and my altercation with the librarian and tried to spin it as we knew her family was killed by drow and we were just antagonizing the woman on purpose.

Kellien and Coppernose spoke up for us, as did the Minister of Faith and one other we were able to sway in our favor (I think it was the Minister of Commerce or Agricultural) four others were against us, I think their hatred or mistrust would’ve prevented them from trusting any outsiders. Oog-Rok seemed to bind with one of the Ministers unfortunately she abstained from voting. This left only the Minister of War.

At first he named all the reasons why we couldn’t be trusted then he came to what, I believe, was his plan all along. He wanted our help with the Drow. There was only one family of Drow that were attacking the city, he wanted us to take out their leader. He need us as assassins. Not that I have any problem with killing the evil creatures (strange to think Idrathor is one of them) but he could of just asked us to prove ourselves by doing this instead of the whole charade. We do not have time for all that. He could’ve came to us I n the first day and told us we needed to prove ourselves.

They returned our equipment to us but some of them felt different. We asked what they had done to them buy the Minister if War swore they didn’t do anything except store them. Then I remembered a rumor, Drow equipment lost their enchantments when in sunlight. This is what must have happened; the Gnomes piped in sunlight using a system of mirrors, this must still have affected the equipment. It was mostly useless now.

After the decision was handed out, Omega stormed off with the others following them. Oog-Rok stayed to talk to some of the Council Members and I thought it safer not to leave him alone. After his discussions we decided to go to the temple that Idrathor had left his secret tome with to see what they had discovered.
They had only deciphered a few pages. The tome was a telling if the beginning of all thins but most incredibly, it appeared to be penned by the Goddess of Life herself!!! They asked to keep it longer to continue to study it. We told them we would talk to Idrathor but we didn’t see why he would say no.
When we got back to the tavern, no one was around. Coppernose had promised us a drink of the alcohol Omega had a couple days ago, but I didn’t want any and gave mine to Oog-Rok. After he was wasted good, I took him back to our room and found Omega speaking with Neferiti and Carrisa. They seemed to be wrapping up their discussion and Omega seemed to be better than he was earlier, so I dumped the drunk off with them and went back out to the bar. We all ate and drank that night and prepared to leave.

The next morning Kellien arrived and asked if we were ready to start on the quest, everyone seemed prepared so we started off. She took us back to the teleporter and sent us through. We made it through the illusionary wall and headed into the tunnels in the direction we thought would get us to the Drow. We traveled for a few hours when we came to a chasm so deep we wouldn’t see the bottom. The chasm had a rope bridge across it. Oog-Rok, being the lightest, went across first. He got out of my eyesight, at the edge of the other side, and then we heard a commotion. I couldn’t see anything, but Omega looked at Neferiti and said “Your brothers alive!” And took off running across the bridge. Everyone was shocked and followed Omega. I got to the edge of bridge and could just make out the scene on the other side. Neferiti’s brother, who Oog-Rok had killed while our prison and who’s body disappeared, was there fighting everyone. I casted spells at him but one was off and hit the support for the bridge and started burning the ropes. I raced across and had to jump to make it to safety before the biggest gave way.

Oog-Rok was down, with Neferiti’s brother standing over him. Everyone was hacking and slashing at him but he seemed to be healing himself. Idrathor hit him with a spell and it seemed like he didn’t heal from that. Everyone kept hitting him and I finally landed a spell that dropped him. Omega removed his head to make sure he didn’t come back again.

After healing Oog-Rok, everyone decided we should stop where we were. It was a defensible position, the chasm to our back and only one other opening in. I just don’t like that we don’t have an escape route.
As I was preparing to rest, I felt stronger somehow. I felt quicker. Was it true or was it just that I felt more alive after almost falling into the chasm? I guess we’ll see tomorrow



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