The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Darion 8


We woke up the next day and I couldn’t believe that there was some kind of vengeful spirit or zombie after Oog-Rok. That seemed something that would come back to bite us in the ass but hopefully we took care of that when Omega took his head.
We traveled the tunnels toward our objective. Miles of darkness, the goggles that the Gnomes gave us came in handy. I couldn’t imagine traveling this long and far in complete darkness and the lantern we brought would have only attracted attention.
We traveled and came to a room that had a strange light, there were two exits leading from the room. We hugged the wall and made our way to the northern exit. As we approached the exit, moss from the ceiling began attacking us. This moss creature was difficult and during the battle another moss creature by the other exit started moving toward us. We were able to finish off the first one and used distance attacks and hit and run tactics to finish off the second.
We continued through the tunnels after we exited the room. Hours passed with us marching along. As we came to an area that widened a little when we were attacked by a hugh worm creature. As we rushed into attack the worm, some of us got caught on some web like filament that was on the floor and as we were attacking the worm some of my shield mates started rushing toward a point that didn’t have anything there. We finally were able to kill the creature; Oog-Rok began carving up the creature like it was beef cow. He actually thought about taking some with us.
We continued on and found a camp. We observed it from a distance and discovered that it was a camp of goblins. We determined Oog-Rok would go talk to them. He walked into their camp and there was a lot of talking in goblin. He signaled Idrathor to come into the light and the goblins went crazy. Oog-Rok seemed to win them over, but then one of them (the one that seemed the leader of this band) seemed like he didn’t like what was happening. There was a lot of bickering and the two squared off. They dropped their weapons, I guess for a fist fight but when they moved in, the goblin leader grabbed his weapons and attacked. Oog-Rok punched the goblin and dropped him. He then healed him and (so he told us later) convinced them to help us against the drow. We spent the night with the goblins as they partied.
The next day, Oog-Rok got his troops to tell us how get to drow held area. We traveled with them wondering if they would turn on us. We came to what marked the beginning of the drow area and Idrathor used my goggles to increase the limits of his dark vision and saw that there were guards (three drows and two flaming dog like creatures). We came up with a plan to cast darkness and silence on a bolt and then shoot the bolt at the guards to allow us to close the distance. We shot the bolt and rushed in. One of the dogs appeared next to us out of thin area and shrieked. A fear came over me and I could not look at the creature. The other creature and I had no fear toward that one so I attacked it. We were dealing with those two when the drow strolled out of the darkness and began attacking us. We had a time of it, but we were finally able to put down the drow and one of the dogs, with the goblins help (finally!)

We decided to take a short rest before we continued on.



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