The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Vyusakn: Companions

26th? of Dawntide

[Draconic script; jagged and harsh inkstrokes carefully penned. The ink is maroon, and he pulls it from a pocket sewn inside his tunic rather than the black ink vial sitting out on his backpack]

It seems my feet are cursed on this mainland. Though, I did not run into demons after stepping off my boat. I suppose that is an improvement. I traveled where I thought I may find the Kingdom of the Gnomes. Perhaps their knowledge is what I’m missing. They can supposedly use runes and machinery- though I"ll believe it when I see it. My escape would have been easy, as the floor was stone, but an infernal creature stalked outside my prison. And it was pitch dark. Blood and ashes, curse these cave dwellers and their darksight. I believe I was there for five days before a troupe of people came through the door…a very strange troupe. Initial notes later. They seemed honorable enough so I slipped out like I had planned, and in time to confront that demonic creature that was my jailor. Some sort of drow/demon hybrid.
{Note: Fire not strong- use effective Dragon Force}
After felling it I used a blade one of them lent me to hack it apart for some dissection. Magic was definitely used to fuse these two, perhaps a ritual. If drow are willing partners…would elvish isles be the unwilling targets/end goal?
{Note: Find more about these hybrid rituals. Elves first target due to magic potency? Look out for other hybrids. Fey-link? Damn, I need to find more tomes from ancient times}
The goblin turns out to be some sort of holy warrior, as some crystal-infused Drow we fought nigh shat his pants in terror at that little guy’s shield slamming. Glorious sight! But one of the Crystal-Drow(crossed out) Crystal Wraith, they called him. One of his captains did a number with a lightning javelin through my gut. Very painful, but it got my blood boiling. Things looked dire but we got them down. Inside the mansion, there were some books on the Crystals and I was going to takes some for light reading/research since I doubt they had anything useful for me. But the gnome with strange hand crossbows that seemed to explode but not break wanted them so eh.

[Squat goblin drawing with a comically large shield and sword]Some sort of holy warrior and a smart gobblin. I’m pretty impressed.

[Half-Elf sketch]Sneaksy. Greedy- especially for jewelry it seems. Better secrete the coinpurse in a less obvious location while I’m with this group.

[Blocky half-ork]Hell of a warrior. Grounded. Convinced me the group was, if not of ill-intent, atleast better than the Drow. Speaking of…

[Stick figure drow]…why…and he appears to be a healer. Their story on why he’s with them seems plausable but…a Drow? First sign of unholy water or a ‘mending touch’ that sears the flesh and I’m going to roast him like he’s a nameday feast.

[Crude drawing of a tiefling with a tail and some horns] – Demon? Definitely knows Infernal or Abyssal, sounded him out and confirmed using what Abyssal I had learned. Seemed oddly against the evil Drow, but not sure if he has an overarching agenda. His robe looked familiar but I couldn’t quite remember why. He was pretty quick to find other clothes as well. Didn’t seem to need a weapon, his fisticuffs were fist enough. Let me borrow some strange goggles that allow me darksight. Might try and find someway of buying or trading for these- would be nice to have.

[Gnome with weird hand-crossbows]Revenge obsessed creature. His weapons are curious- small like hand-crossbows but sound like they explode when the trigger is pulled. But they’re not destroyed, and his targets are definitely reeling from something. Gnomeish magic? Might be worth investigating.

[Despite using every drop, he carefully stoppers it and returns it to the pocket, sealing it]



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