The Kingdom of the God-Lich

Darion Journal 9

We entered the caverns the goblins said the drow had claimed. They would stay at the entrance to guard it and protect our way back. As we marched, it seems my mind wondered and I daydreamed. I dreamed I was someone else, but still myself. I was a warrior that used magic to augment his skills instead on a mage gifted with the song. I was soon waken out of that dream. It seems we had arrived.

Before us was a large cavern, mage light speckled everywhere and glowing moss. Close to the tunnel opening we were in were two buildings. The one to our left was guarded by those shrieking plant life. The one to our left seemed unguarded. Neferiti sent Carrisa to investigate, having the best chance to be quiet and go unnoticed. It seems she wasn’t as successful as we had hoped. As she neared the building, the door burst open and drow poured out.

They were on her before we could move and she was dropped quick. As we rushed in, the drow turned to us. Idrathor was able to cast some of his healing to help her. We had a harder time with these drow then we should have, but we were not at our best. The last few fights had taken a toll on us. We finally dispatched the last of drow, but we were weary. We hid the bodies but left a mess but it couldn’t be helped. We went into the building, which turned out to be a kind of barracks. We needed a rest to recoup our strength. But that wasn’t to be. Soon after we had settled down, we heard noises outside. We looked and discovered several shambling forms coming toward the barracks.

We decided to wait for them to come in the barracks and take them on where they would be limited. One burst in and was dispatched quickly. Carrisa threw metal marbles on the ground outside the door, this kept us from getting overrun, I think. As the creatures entered one by one, we dispatched them quickly. Then they attempted to come through the window. I battled one of them through one of the windows and it seemed Neferiti was doing the same at the other one; i heard her cry out in pain but couldn’t make out what was happening as the door was her and what transpired over there. As the last of the creatures started to run, everyone rushed toward the door. Omega flipped off Neferiti’s back, over the metal marbles and stopped the creatures from getting away. We were able to quickly down the remaining ones. We decided the barracks were not a safe place and looked toward the secured building.

I remembered reading somewhere that the Drow used those poison darts on the plants down here. So we tried them on the mushrooms and the darts knocked the them out and Carrisa was able to unlock the door. She and Omega watched the area as the rest of us entered the building. We discovered what looked to be a jail. There was a large, dragon man in one of the cells. There was another cell, empty, and two doors at the end of the room; one along the same wall as the cells and the other at the other end of the room. Neferiti talked to the dragon man and tried to determine why he was there. I counseled caution, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, but she thought we should take the chance.

We heard a noise from behind the door on the other side of the room. The dragon man said it was the jailer. Neferiti offered to let him out if he would help us. He said he would help us but now that there was light, he could release himself. He cast a spell and the earth moved around the bars enough for him to get out. Omega and Carrisa came into the building and Omega lent the dragon man his weapon (not sure why he even has those, his unarmed combat is exceptional). We headed to the other end of the room when we heard whistling coming from the other door. As we came up to it, I realized that the door lead to another cell, encased in metal. The party talked to the prisoner through the metal and decided to trust him; Carissa opened the door and a gray gnome came out and immediately began prattling about “his things”.

We prepared ourselves for the “jailer”; he made his entrance by breaking in the door. It looked like a hugh, heinous drow with four arms. We all attacked, even the two newly released prisoners. The gnome used a crossbow Neferiti had given him at first an then one of the commandeered hand crossbows, the dragon man with his spells . After a hard fight we were able to defeat the jailer. The little gnome took off running past the body into the back room, Omega, Neferiti, and Carrisa followed. Later the rest of entered the back room, after the dragon man hacked up the jailer and took a piece of him, he almost seems like Oog-rok, ha. As we entered the room, it seems the prisoner’s things were kept in a chest there. The gnome had already gotten his things and was fawning over a peculiar looking item. After inspecting it, he carried it like one of those hand crossbows, but I didn’t see where he would put the bolts.

We decided this building was a more secure place to take a short rest. We closed the door and the dragon man moved the ground up against it to make it more difficult to get in. We all moved to the back and rested for about an hour. Although not a long time, it helped to take the breather.

We exited the jail and headed toward the back of the cavern we were in. There was a underground river here with a bridge crossing it and a building set into the back of the cavern wall. As we headed toward the bridge we detected a ward of some sort in the middle of the bridge. Carrisa was able to sneak across without setting it off but none of the rest of us felt comfortable with our skills to accomplish that task. So we came up with a plan of walking across the water using a ring Idrathor had acquired in our earlier adventures. The dragon man was going to stand on a rock in the middle of the river and use a magical spell, something I’ve seen before but don’t know myself, and take the ring from one person as they cross the river and give it to another so they could use it to cross.

All was going well until we heard a shout for us to halt come from the other side. We had forgotten to be stealthy!! The object of our quest, the “Crystal Wraith” and a hand few of drow had come out of the building (the gnome seemed to recognize one of them). He told us to come across and asked us what was our business there, I think he was confused seeing Idrathor there with us. While talking to us though, he saw the two prisoners we had release with us and decided we were his enemy. He directed his men to attack us. Oog-Rok cast some kind of spell on the “Wraith” that seem to make him afraid of him.

Along with the drow we had to contend with other ward spells it and some kind of lightning imps. We were able to take a couple of the drow and one of the imps out early. The gnome seemed to concentrate on the one drow he recognized. He use that strange hand weapon he had. It was no hand crossbow! When he used it, it made a loud sound, almost like a lighting strike, and something would cause a hole in the drow, if he hit. Could this be some type of magical artifact? I will have to try and examine it later. Even though we seemed to start off well, it was still a hard fight. The drow the gnome took a particular notice in threw an apparently magical javelin that struck half the party and impaled the dragon man. The “Wraith” teleported around a few times and casted some kind of poison cloud at us. We finished off the underlings and turned to the “Wraith”; he casted a lightning bolt at us, that fell a few of us, and disappeared. Oog-Rok charged to the spot where our goal had been but he was not there. We stayed on alert, moved to give aid to our fallen, and searched the area for him. Suddenly another lightning bolt struck out at us. We all attacked the area where it had came from and made him appear. We were able to finish him off before he finished us. Neferiti took his hand as the proof we needed to show the Gnomes we had accomplished their tasks.

We searched the building and the bodies of the fallen drows and discovered a few wondrous items; most noticeably a portable hole! A magical portal that led to a room that was filled with treasure. While I was casting a detect magic spell, I made sure to look at the gnome’s hand weapon and it was not magical; it must be some kind of mechanical device. We decided to rest a full night here. We still have to get back to the Gnomes, but all of us were battered and depleted of all energy. Hopefully, after the rest, we can make it back to the Gnome area with little altercation.

Vyusakn: Companions
26th? of Dawntide

[Draconic script; jagged and harsh inkstrokes carefully penned. The ink is maroon, and he pulls it from a pocket sewn inside his tunic rather than the black ink vial sitting out on his backpack]

It seems my feet are cursed on this mainland. Though, I did not run into demons after stepping off my boat. I suppose that is an improvement. I traveled where I thought I may find the Kingdom of the Gnomes. Perhaps their knowledge is what I’m missing. They can supposedly use runes and machinery- though I"ll believe it when I see it. My escape would have been easy, as the floor was stone, but an infernal creature stalked outside my prison. And it was pitch dark. Blood and ashes, curse these cave dwellers and their darksight. I believe I was there for five days before a troupe of people came through the door…a very strange troupe. Initial notes later. They seemed honorable enough so I slipped out like I had planned, and in time to confront that demonic creature that was my jailor. Some sort of drow/demon hybrid.
{Note: Fire not strong- use effective Dragon Force}
After felling it I used a blade one of them lent me to hack it apart for some dissection. Magic was definitely used to fuse these two, perhaps a ritual. If drow are willing partners…would elvish isles be the unwilling targets/end goal?
{Note: Find more about these hybrid rituals. Elves first target due to magic potency? Look out for other hybrids. Fey-link? Damn, I need to find more tomes from ancient times}
The goblin turns out to be some sort of holy warrior, as some crystal-infused Drow we fought nigh shat his pants in terror at that little guy’s shield slamming. Glorious sight! But one of the Crystal-Drow(crossed out) Crystal Wraith, they called him. One of his captains did a number with a lightning javelin through my gut. Very painful, but it got my blood boiling. Things looked dire but we got them down. Inside the mansion, there were some books on the Crystals and I was going to takes some for light reading/research since I doubt they had anything useful for me. But the gnome with strange hand crossbows that seemed to explode but not break wanted them so eh.

[Squat goblin drawing with a comically large shield and sword]Some sort of holy warrior and a smart gobblin. I’m pretty impressed.

[Half-Elf sketch]Sneaksy. Greedy- especially for jewelry it seems. Better secrete the coinpurse in a less obvious location while I’m with this group.

[Blocky half-ork]Hell of a warrior. Grounded. Convinced me the group was, if not of ill-intent, atleast better than the Drow. Speaking of…

[Stick figure drow]…why…and he appears to be a healer. Their story on why he’s with them seems plausable but…a Drow? First sign of unholy water or a ‘mending touch’ that sears the flesh and I’m going to roast him like he’s a nameday feast.

[Crude drawing of a tiefling with a tail and some horns] – Demon? Definitely knows Infernal or Abyssal, sounded him out and confirmed using what Abyssal I had learned. Seemed oddly against the evil Drow, but not sure if he has an overarching agenda. His robe looked familiar but I couldn’t quite remember why. He was pretty quick to find other clothes as well. Didn’t seem to need a weapon, his fisticuffs were fist enough. Let me borrow some strange goggles that allow me darksight. Might try and find someway of buying or trading for these- would be nice to have.

[Gnome with weird hand-crossbows]Revenge obsessed creature. His weapons are curious- small like hand-crossbows but sound like they explode when the trigger is pulled. But they’re not destroyed, and his targets are definitely reeling from something. Gnomeish magic? Might be worth investigating.

[Despite using every drop, he carefully stoppers it and returns it to the pocket, sealing it]

Omega Journal #8
The Crystal Wraith

We marched on the Crystal Wraith’s compound this morning. The tunnel leading to the Wraith was guarded by 3 Drow and 2 flaming abyssal hounds. We developed a plan to cast darkness on an arrow and fire it at the Drow. This would give us time to get closer to them and provide us protection as we closed that gap. The goblins were to stay back and provide us some ranged support by attacking them using their bow and arrows. We fired our arrow and moved in. Immediately the darkness landed on the arrow in front of them and enveloped the three Drow and 2 dogs. We got close to the darkness and readied for our foes to enter our view. After a few seconds of nothing happening the two dogs appeared behind us out of thin air. The first let out a terrible shriek and I immediately rushed up to face this beast head on. I fought with all the training I had just to keep this beast focused on me, giving my contingency the freedom to attack the rest of our enemies with no fear of attack from this hound. I furiously attacked my foe while being very careful to avoid ALL his attacks. Had I spent more focus on attacking him and less avoiding his attacks I may have been able to bring him down but alas I did not. My companions had managed to take down the other hell hound and 1 of the Drow but our morale was growing low. It was at this time that the Goblin army we brought along finally stepped in and attacked. They finished off the other two Drow before the final hell hound disappeared, presumably to warn the other Drow of our coming. The goblins approached and Oog-Rok spoke with them about our plans. They told us what to look for as on our way back out so that we wouldn’t fall into the trap they were going to set for anyone coming.

We entered and immediately saw 4 buildings. The closer one on the left was a secure facility of some type, with no windows and those screaming mushrooms surrounding the whole building. We attempted to sneak to the building on the right but were quickly noticed by the waiting Drow. After a short struggle we managed to kill off the hostiles and equipped ourselves with a few of their hand crossbows and the poison darts that they had that were putting us to sleep. We wanted to rest so we barricaded ourselves in their barracks. Not more than 5 min into our rest we were interrupted by these wolf like creatures that walked on two legs. They quickly found our hiding spot….which was never a good spot anyway… and attacked. We blocked their entrance so that only one of them could enter the building at a time. They funneled in one by one until only a couple were left alive. As they attempted to flee I leaped off the back of Neferiti, leaping over the ball bearings that Carrisa had dropped to slow the beasts, and prevented their retreat. The rest of the group quickly dispatched the remaining monsters and we decided that MAYBE this wasn’t a very good place to try to rest.

Darion remembered that the Drow would use the sleeping darts that we took off our enemies to put the screaming mushrooms to sleep. We darted the couple near the entrance of the secure looking facility and entered. Carris and I stayed out front to watch for any more of our enemies as the group entered and found it to be a prison. After a few seconds of talking I heard a loud thumping noise coming from the back. Then I heard it again and I knew something bad was about to happen. We quickly entered and closed the door behind us as the noise came closer. I guess there were a couple of prisoners being held captive that the party decided to release…. Sometimes I feel like they are way to trusting… One of the prisoners told us the noise we were hearing was the Jailer and we should prepare for battle. There were two doors near the back of the prison where the noise was heard from. I approached the door and looked for any way to perhaps block it off so that it couldn’t be opened but there was nothing. The doors smashed open and the monster that stood before us was huge. It was some sort of mixture between a Drow and a Demon with 4 arms. The beast laughed and started to attack. Oog-Rok yelled something at it and threw a bottle of poison at it. This only seemed to make the beast angry as he lashed out, biting Oog-Rok and swiping at him twice with his huge claws. Oog-Rok fell immediately as the rest of us fought hard to bring it down. Idrathor blessed Oog-Rok and brought him back from death. We were finally able to slay the beast and one of these prisoners immediately ran through the doors to the back room. I followed quickly to ensure he wasn’t trying to grab a weapon to attack us with or something. He went for a chest near the back of the room, which appeared to be some sort of torture chamber, as the rest of the party came closer. Carrisa unlocked the chest and rifled through the contents revealing it to be filled with only the prisoners gear. Upon closer inspection the door to the prison locked form the inside so we locked up and one of the prisoners created some sort of difficult terrain to block the entrance in case something managed to make it inside. We took the opportunity to rest and recover a bit from our wounds. During our rest I discovered that one of the prisoners could speak infernal. I had never met another person who could speak Infernal before. He asked about my bloodline and told me how he learned to speak the language. He told me that he learned from studying ancient text, which explained why some of his dialect was so strange.

After a short rest we moved farther into the cavern, looking for our target. The two prisoners decided to join us and wanted to assist in our attack on the Wraith. As we approached a large Mansion that was carved into the cavern side 3 Drow ran out to meat us followed by the Crystal Wraith. We sprang into action and I ran up to the closest Drow and attempted to stun him. He proved to be quite the adversary as I was unable to bring him down. Neferiti came over to help me out but even together we couldn’t bring him down. His attacks were so strong and I quickly found myself on the edge of death, ready to greet whoever it is guiding my hand. The Wraith hit me and Neferiti with a lighting bolt and I fell… I was ready to meat this mysterious goddess who had been guiding my actions unbeknownst to me. As I was ready to embrace my fate she spoke to me saying “Not yet my champion, you still have a purpose on this world” and I found myself being infused with life again. As I came to I found the small gnomish prisoner applying a salve to my wounds. Before I could even act, Carrisa ran through and finished the Wraith off with her rapier. The battle was over and we had defeated our foes. We entered the Wraith’s mansion and searched for anything of value. I did not find anything though my companions seemed happy with the items they had discovered. Mounds of money and a few magical items lay within the house as well as a portable hole that could be folded up but when opened had enough space to fit a couple barbarians. Quite a large space really. The party decided that this was the best place for us to rest for the day and we bedded down for some well deserved rest.

I found the quietest place I could find and began to meditate. Thinking hard on the words that this goddess had spoken to me. I asked her what my purpose was and why she chose me. Who is this mysterious goddess? Why me? I hope to find the answers I seek one day. All I know is that I need to figure out how to bring down this Lych and put an end to this disrespect of death. I will show everyone the true meaning of death. If they will not show it respect then I will teach it to them.

Reflection of Gajdael

Journal 26th of dawntide

Awful food and the jailer creeps me out. they took my weapons and tried to break me by putting me in a dark box ooooh im so scared of the dark when i can see in it idiots. soo boring though they took my book so i couldn’t even draw up my next project. As it happens though my gods delivered me to freedom as that motley crew of travelers were passing through. bit of a scuffle with the jailer. Damn spider lovers turned him into a daemonic monster. i gathered my things and at last my arm was complete again as i recovered my Charm! we got to this mansion across from this trapped bridge we were a bit too hasty though as they detected us and called us forth. they instantly recognized me and the dragon gent which was fine because my mark was there. after some traded blows with some of their elite fighters and a dreadful poison cloud obscuring my view and causing me to be too reckless and almost breaking my Charm i delivered that 8 leg humper to whatever sad afterlife awaited him perhaps his soul is being twisted by Ronox as i write this. i can only dream. That goblin really surprised me. that Chrystal lover was very scary but seemed his plan didnt go as he had planned as the fool killed most of his own minions out of fear of the little hero. Cruelty of Drow never ceases to surprise even me. after liberating a few rounds in his chest that crafty little bladeslinger cut him down. im impressed by some of these adventures maybe they have what it takes to do some real good out there maybe its time for me to see the outside again if such miraculous good was born in the most unlikely people. it’ll take me time to trust the Drow healer but perhaps we can find common ground. ive already seem two miracles today why stop there. in the end i emptied my last shot into my targets dead corpse i thought it would make me feel better. it did, but then it also felt bittersweet. i could feel the judgment shift towards me as i reloaded Charm. we found a treasure hoard in the house nice bit of wealth hope i get something. been eyeing those gauntlets my pack has been heavy and i could use the lifting maybe i could ask i dont need them but being able to carry someone out of danger might be useful especially if they need help. all those weapons excite me most i would just melt most down for raw materials or sell but i need the resources. ill be honest my Charm wasnt cheap to build and ive already started on my next marvel ill try drafting later though the death of that overcooked Keebler elf fucker has me distracted. Mirana that was for you may your soul be at peace if not already.

duun huukec huulkhaar

Ghec dher shakaan duun ghalaan Haash-daakuul huul. A magaan dhuuc ac akekhekhaal a huukec dekaan ac daan akaagar. Daan dech rhaan daan dher shakhaar or Oc-kuush’t khralkaan, akaar daan ghaakuur-tec or Haash-daakuul, Ogaar or daan Huuraakhen kaac. Daan magaan a kuuc duul duun huun dhuul daar ogech har, rhor A dech druun ghec rhaan duun okogaan dar daan shuugaan daar ogech dan duun hac daan huulkhaar or daan Huul.

Darion 8

We woke up the next day and I couldn’t believe that there was some kind of vengeful spirit or zombie after Oog-Rok. That seemed something that would come back to bite us in the ass but hopefully we took care of that when Omega took his head.
We traveled the tunnels toward our objective. Miles of darkness, the goggles that the Gnomes gave us came in handy. I couldn’t imagine traveling this long and far in complete darkness and the lantern we brought would have only attracted attention.
We traveled and came to a room that had a strange light, there were two exits leading from the room. We hugged the wall and made our way to the northern exit. As we approached the exit, moss from the ceiling began attacking us. This moss creature was difficult and during the battle another moss creature by the other exit started moving toward us. We were able to finish off the first one and used distance attacks and hit and run tactics to finish off the second.
We continued through the tunnels after we exited the room. Hours passed with us marching along. As we came to an area that widened a little when we were attacked by a hugh worm creature. As we rushed into attack the worm, some of us got caught on some web like filament that was on the floor and as we were attacking the worm some of my shield mates started rushing toward a point that didn’t have anything there. We finally were able to kill the creature; Oog-Rok began carving up the creature like it was beef cow. He actually thought about taking some with us.
We continued on and found a camp. We observed it from a distance and discovered that it was a camp of goblins. We determined Oog-Rok would go talk to them. He walked into their camp and there was a lot of talking in goblin. He signaled Idrathor to come into the light and the goblins went crazy. Oog-Rok seemed to win them over, but then one of them (the one that seemed the leader of this band) seemed like he didn’t like what was happening. There was a lot of bickering and the two squared off. They dropped their weapons, I guess for a fist fight but when they moved in, the goblin leader grabbed his weapons and attacked. Oog-Rok punched the goblin and dropped him. He then healed him and (so he told us later) convinced them to help us against the drow. We spent the night with the goblins as they partied.
The next day, Oog-Rok got his troops to tell us how get to drow held area. We traveled with them wondering if they would turn on us. We came to what marked the beginning of the drow area and Idrathor used my goggles to increase the limits of his dark vision and saw that there were guards (three drows and two flaming dog like creatures). We came up with a plan to cast darkness and silence on a bolt and then shoot the bolt at the guards to allow us to close the distance. We shot the bolt and rushed in. One of the dogs appeared next to us out of thin area and shrieked. A fear came over me and I could not look at the creature. The other creature and I had no fear toward that one so I attacked it. We were dealing with those two when the drow strolled out of the darkness and began attacking us. We had a time of it, but we were finally able to put down the drow and one of the dogs, with the goblins help (finally!)

We decided to take a short rest before we continued on.

Omega Journal #7
navigating the caves

When I awoke the next morning, I recalled the dream I had. I remembered the woman I saw, an exotic looking woman, pale of skin with raven black hair and eyes. I’m not ready to tell my companions just yet, I’m not sure exactly what is going on just yet… We traveled through the cave system for a long time when we came across a fork in our path, a weird light emanating from the moss on the walls. As we got closer, the moss attacked us. There was a second moss across the room that slowly made its way towards us as we tried with all our might to defeat the first one. We barely managed to defeat the first as the second approached us. We kited around the second and found our exit.

As we progressed through the tunnels even farther we entered a room where we found a giant worm-like creature. Out of no where there was a strange light that beckoned me towards it. As I ran to it I got stuck in this web that was nearly invisible on the ground. I managed to break free of the webs as my companions and I fought through the worms attacks. Oog-rok ended up slaying the beast and thought it would be a good idea to cut up the monster and save his meat to eat later. While he carved through the beast he hit the stomach (I can only assume because he had no idea what he was doing) and the stench was near unbearable.

We continued through the tunnels where we happened upon a a camp. Ensuring we were out of range to be seen, we investigated the creatures that were there. As it happened, we had come across a goblin camp. Oog-rok had us stay behind as he went out and tried to talk to them. He convinced them that he was there to rid the tunnels of the evil Drow that had been inhabiting them. That’s when Oog-rok brought out Idrathor and the goblins lost their nerve. They claimed that Oog-rok was a liar and was there to kill them. Oog-rok managed to convince them that THIS Drow as good and that he was there to help them defeat the evil drow but the Goblin leader still wasn’t having it. Oog-rok challanged the leader to a fight for supremacy, the winner would become the new leader of the goblins. The leader agreed and as the fight began both the goblins dropped their weapons as Oog-rok rushed forward and punched the leader. The leader, being a Goblin (Known for not being exactly good) ran back, grabbed his weapon and attacked Oog-rok with it. He yelled a bunch of crap in Goblin and the other goblins cheared. Oog-rok walked up and punched the goblin one time and the leader crumpled into a tiny heap of flesh on the ground. I don’t know exactly what he did but he had to have asked his god for help on that hit because he floored that little thing so quickly. He didn’t want to kill the goblin so he brought him back up and agreed to co-lead the goblin force (around 20 of them). We spent the evening with the goblins, drinking and partying. Tomorrow we march on the Drow fortress and I hope that we are able to complete our mission. This will not be an easy task….

Darion's Journal part 7

We still have another day to wait to see the Gnome Council. After yesterday’s interactions with the Gnomes, I decided to wait in the tavern where at least Coppernose was open to my companions. I sat and sipped my drinks all day, eating occasionally; I noticed Oog-Rok and Omega had left earlier, I’m not sure if together or separate. Oog-Rok, after his uncommon quiet, seemed to be himself again. Idrathor seemed to be meditating or praying. Carrisa and Neferiti decided to stay in the tavern too.

We had been sitting around, drinking, eating and talking when Coppernose came up to us and told us that Omega had been shot and arrested for attempting to escape, I didn’t tell them that he was the one of our party that could’ve taken on the guards without his equipment and be just as deadly, it probably wouldn’t have help their distrust any to hear that. We wanted to go see him, to at least attend to his wounds but Coppernose said we would not be able to see him until the meeting with the council. He assured us Omega would be tended to and treated fair until the meeting, we grudgingly accepted his word, what else could we do.

Oog-Rok came back agitated and proceeded to tell us that the meeting with the council was to decide whether we lived or died, it seems his “friends” (the guards) had informed him of this.

We decided to have our supper and wait on the morning to see what was to come of our meeting and our fate. Coppernose gave us some advice on how the council meeting would go and wished us well.

The morning of the meet, Coppernose was absent from the tavern, which was strange. We were escorted to the floating barges and taken to the council chamber building. The building was large, enormous by Gnome standards I’m sure. Omega was escorted up by a large contingent of guards. I tried to not to smile thinking of him twirling, punching and king in them as the we’re so close to him thinking they had the upper hand. But he was meek among them and composed almost distant.
We’re we lead onto the building, it looked to be made up solely of the Council Chambers. In front of us were the 10 chairs for the council members, as Coppernose told us, with the council members seated in them (Coppernose was in one of the member chairs!) and the one chair set back and higher, empty, for the non-existent king.

The council was like any other governing body; so full of their own self-importance. They proceed to introduce them. I honestly couldn’t remember them all the important ones were Kellien, Coppernose (who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs!), the Minister of War, who also happened to be Kellien’s father.
They stood up one by one and gave their opinion on why we should or should not be trusted. The Minister of Education (?) bought up Idrathor’s and my altercation with the librarian and tried to spin it as we knew her family was killed by drow and we were just antagonizing the woman on purpose.

Kellien and Coppernose spoke up for us, as did the Minister of Faith and one other we were able to sway in our favor (I think it was the Minister of Commerce or Agricultural) four others were against us, I think their hatred or mistrust would’ve prevented them from trusting any outsiders. Oog-Rok seemed to bind with one of the Ministers unfortunately she abstained from voting. This left only the Minister of War.

At first he named all the reasons why we couldn’t be trusted then he came to what, I believe, was his plan all along. He wanted our help with the Drow. There was only one family of Drow that were attacking the city, he wanted us to take out their leader. He need us as assassins. Not that I have any problem with killing the evil creatures (strange to think Idrathor is one of them) but he could of just asked us to prove ourselves by doing this instead of the whole charade. We do not have time for all that. He could’ve came to us I n the first day and told us we needed to prove ourselves.

They returned our equipment to us but some of them felt different. We asked what they had done to them buy the Minister if War swore they didn’t do anything except store them. Then I remembered a rumor, Drow equipment lost their enchantments when in sunlight. This is what must have happened; the Gnomes piped in sunlight using a system of mirrors, this must still have affected the equipment. It was mostly useless now.

After the decision was handed out, Omega stormed off with the others following them. Oog-Rok stayed to talk to some of the Council Members and I thought it safer not to leave him alone. After his discussions we decided to go to the temple that Idrathor had left his secret tome with to see what they had discovered.
They had only deciphered a few pages. The tome was a telling if the beginning of all thins but most incredibly, it appeared to be penned by the Goddess of Life herself!!! They asked to keep it longer to continue to study it. We told them we would talk to Idrathor but we didn’t see why he would say no.
When we got back to the tavern, no one was around. Coppernose had promised us a drink of the alcohol Omega had a couple days ago, but I didn’t want any and gave mine to Oog-Rok. After he was wasted good, I took him back to our room and found Omega speaking with Neferiti and Carrisa. They seemed to be wrapping up their discussion and Omega seemed to be better than he was earlier, so I dumped the drunk off with them and went back out to the bar. We all ate and drank that night and prepared to leave.

The next morning Kellien arrived and asked if we were ready to start on the quest, everyone seemed prepared so we started off. She took us back to the teleporter and sent us through. We made it through the illusionary wall and headed into the tunnels in the direction we thought would get us to the Drow. We traveled for a few hours when we came to a chasm so deep we wouldn’t see the bottom. The chasm had a rope bridge across it. Oog-Rok, being the lightest, went across first. He got out of my eyesight, at the edge of the other side, and then we heard a commotion. I couldn’t see anything, but Omega looked at Neferiti and said “Your brothers alive!” And took off running across the bridge. Everyone was shocked and followed Omega. I got to the edge of bridge and could just make out the scene on the other side. Neferiti’s brother, who Oog-Rok had killed while our prison and who’s body disappeared, was there fighting everyone. I casted spells at him but one was off and hit the support for the bridge and started burning the ropes. I raced across and had to jump to make it to safety before the biggest gave way.

Oog-Rok was down, with Neferiti’s brother standing over him. Everyone was hacking and slashing at him but he seemed to be healing himself. Idrathor hit him with a spell and it seemed like he didn’t heal from that. Everyone kept hitting him and I finally landed a spell that dropped him. Omega removed his head to make sure he didn’t come back again.

After healing Oog-Rok, everyone decided we should stop where we were. It was a defensible position, the chasm to our back and only one other opening in. I just don’t like that we don’t have an escape route.
As I was preparing to rest, I felt stronger somehow. I felt quicker. Was it true or was it just that I felt more alive after almost falling into the chasm? I guess we’ll see tomorrow

Omega Journal #6

Day 2 in the Gnomish Kingdom:

I woke up this morning to more guards, no surprise. Oog-Rok just walks out of the tavern without telling anyone and no one seems to care so I will be following suit. It seems more and more to me that this group of individuals only cares about completing the mission and honestly cares nothing for each other. It came as no surprise that I am treated like a monster by the Gnomes, I just wish they would at least show some decorum and stop calling us names. These people should be grateful we even came down here to help them at all. The information we have will really help them and we only seek their best interest, the least they could do it treat us with some respect. Between these ungrateful gnomes and my uncaring “companions” I am starting to think I made a mistake… I just don’t know….

Day 3 in the Gnomish Kingdom:

Well… I got arrested yesterday. I spent the night in their “jail” handcuffed. After I left the tavern I wandered the city looking around, followed closely by two impotent guards who think they are safer because they took my swords. Everywhere I went I was looked at with distaste and hatred, only for being what I am (something I have no control over). I walked around for a long while thinking to myself, “why I am even here and why we were trying to help these half-wits”. I felt anger, I felt hatred, I felt confused…. For the first time in my life I had no idea what I was doing and couldn’t seem to formulate a plan. I ended up wandering into a shop that sold many ornate weaponry, all of the items in this place were decorative. As soon as I entered the store I was again treated with disgust by the shop owner who wouldn’t let me even step within 5 feet of them. I could feel the anger boiling inside, a hatred and an urge to fight back. I am lucky to have had my training growing up and I pushed those thoughts aside quickly. I went to view the swords and I found one that I thought looked quite brilliant but as I reached down to pick it up the guards immediately drew their weapons and demanded that I step away. This was a blunted weapon….. I could do more damage without this blade yet I am unable to handle it? Again, the anger and hatred boiled… I was able to push the thoughts aside again, this time seemed to take more effort though…. I walked over to view some decorative armor and I lost it…. I have never struggled to keep control before in my life but I lost it. I turned, ready to show those little creatures just how unsafe they really were before I caught myself. The anger in my head and the urge fight was still there but I was able to put the bridle my urges but I had to get out of there. With the urges were still on the forefront of my thoughts I got out of there. I needed to get back to the tavern and try to find either Oog-Roc or Idrathor. I ran as fast as I could, trying to get back to them when I was hit in the back with a bolt. The pain that shot through my body seemed to clear my head. It was right then that I regained complete control and stopped running. Knowing that I was in the wrong and not wanting to mess up my companions chances of completing their mission. I was escorted to my cell for the night and I had a long while to sit and meditate on what was going on inside my head.

The next day I was escorted (by quite a lot of guards) to the counsel meeting where I met up with my traveling companions again. During the meeting, each counsel member had a turn to discuss whether we were there to do evil or good. I listened to each counsel member talk and half of them just let their racism and prejudices guide their decisions. As I stood there, it became more and more prevalent that these people had already made up their mind as to what we were there for simply based on what we looked like. I will say that there were a select few of them that gave us a chance, though most of them seemed to be the younger ones. When it was the minister of Justice’s turn to speak, he spoke to each of our wrong doings. When he asked me, “The Demon Child” as he called me, what I if I had a defense prepared for myself. I could feel the anger coming back again, though I was able to maintain control of my emotions. I said to the counsel that it didn’t matter what I said, they had already made up their minds as to what we were and they were letting their prejudices blind them to the facts. When asked if I was a worshiper of Izual I told them yes and that I had no reason to hide it. The minister of Faith spoke to me and i explained that I had visions from Izual and told them that she was angry and felt betrayed. The Minister of Faith argued our case, not without throwing a comment out about how I was wrong about Izual. Why does everyone keep saying this, she has spoken to me and given me her counsel….

The last to speak was a really aged Gnome who was the minister of war. He spoke a bit against us and told everyone not to trust us because we had not “proven” ourselves. I felt that anger again and loosed my lips this time. I told them they were aged and needed to forget their prejudices, that they closed up their tunnels years ago and their hatred and prejudices had time to fester. If this was their concern then let us prove ourselves.

The counsel held the vote and we went even. 4 against and 4 for us. One abstained so it came down to one vote, the Minister of War. He chose to give us a task to prove ourselves and if we are able to complete the mission then we will deemed non-dangerous. I was still so angry but I guess that’s a win for now… We are supposed to eliminate the Drow threat on the Gnomish Kingdom.

As soon as the counsel was done I went straight back to the tavern, to my room, to find solace. I was followed by Neferiti and Carrisa who wanted to discuss what was going on with me. I explained that I was just confused and angry. I felt like I had betrayed the few people that did accept me and killed the only person that I considered my friend. I have been treated like a monster for my whole life and I was unhappy with how things were playing out. I got some pretty good advice from Neferiti who told me the story of the weed in the desert. If nothing else I felt like these people coming into my room and taking the time to show they cared… Maybe they really did care about me.

Day 4 in the Gnomish Kingdom:

After a good nights sleep we set off to complete the task of proving ourselves to the Gnomes. We made our way out to the teleportation pad to take us out to the tunnels so we could head west towards the believed location of the evil Drow. We started west and found our way to a rope bridge crossing a VERY deep chasm. Oog-Rok went first since he was the lightest but as he neared the end of the bridge Nadir stepped out and halted his progression. I could see what was going on and immediately warned the group. Oog-Rok stepped up and tried to push nadir back off the bridge to allow our group to get to him for help but Nadir just grabbed Oog-Rok’s shield and stopped his push. I sprinted accross the bridge and gave Nadir a big shove back so he wasn’t blocking the bridge’s exit for the rest of our group. Nadir hit Oog-Rok once and took him out of thee fight. He then turned to me and spoke to me, saying that I would no longer be the champion of the usurper of Izual’s throne. He said Izual had sent him back to kill me….. And how else could he have gotten there?…. I don’t know what to do anymore. Every one keeps telling me that I don’t serve Izual. I not only betrayed my friends, family, and church but have I now betrayed my God…. We spent the rest of the fight healing Oog-Rok long enough for Nadir to get a couple more hits on him and knocking him out of the fight repeatedly. We took Nadir down but not without a couple of really strong hits from each member of the team. I removed his head from his body and hurled it across the room which didn’t seem to slow Nadir down at all. Eventually we finished off Nadir using fire and his body dissolved into dust and ash, though I feel we have not seen the last of him…..

Our party decided to take a rest since the damages we sustained were pretty harsh. While resting and meditating I feel I became stronger. After analyzing the fight with Nadir I feel like I may have learned a better understanding of my Ki energy and I even think I may have figured out how to use my Ki to stun someone. I will have to test this out in my next fight but I feel pretty confident about it. I am even faster with my attacks now too.

I am going to go meditate more and see if I can receive an answer from whichever God is infiltrating my mind. If I am not receiving guidance from Izual then who is speaking to me. I am losing control of everything and I need to spend more time meditating on these visions/thoughts. I have not been practicing my meditations lately and I feel like I am losing control on my whole world. I will come back from this and I will figure out who is doing this to me….

Darion's Journal 6

We arrived at the Gnome’s City.


After encountering the Gnomish party, they asked us to surrender our arms and armor. We complied as there was no other way we were going to be let into the city otherwise. After being lead to a kind of teleporter and ported to another location, the Gnomes required us to put on magical shackles of some sort. We were told that the shackles, basically two bracelets as there was no chains linking them, would cut off any person wearing them from magical sources, weather mystical or divine in origin. We complied with their demand as, again, we would not be allowed to continue without doing so.


We were lead to a large cavern, not blindfolded strangely enough, where we got our first glimpse of the city. It was massive, spanning the entire cavern as far as you could see. It looked to rival any city on the surface and I’m sure it put many to shame. I asked about the construction of the city and was told that the Gnomes came upon the cavern centuries ago and began to build their city in it. As the years advanced and their technology evolved, they expanded on the city.


We were lead to a crevice that had multiple floating barges that flew up to and past our area. We were informed that these barges were used to carry the citizens of the city to various areas of the city. Like a magical wagon of sorts. We boarded a barge with a copper colored marker and were whisked away. Our captors/guides explained that we would be put up, at the expense of the our captor, in an inn while awaiting the decision on whether we would be able to see the council (I guess that’s better than the dungeons we traveled through while coming to the cavern!). We were also informed that we were required to stay at the inn until the decision was made on whether we could see the council or not was made.


When we arrived at the inn, (the Coppernose or some such name!) we found the tavern area pretty crowded with gnomes. The noise stopped as we entered, with every eye turning to us, or rather Idrather! There were quite a few battle tested warriors sitting around and I was sure they were ready to come at us, if not for our escort. She (Kellien, I believe) approached the barkeep (and owner it turns out) and conversed with him for a few minutes. Afterward, they came to us and he welcomed us to his establishment. The room and noise seemed to return to normal after this, but I could see there was still tension in the room. The guards that accompanied us here, sat at tables with the warriors that were already at the inn when we entered. You could see, they were not relaxing any. We were lead to a table, the area cleared of all the other patrons, and we found ourselves in the back corner of the tavern/inn. I could see that Omega did not seem to be relaxing, at first, as he sat away from the table, making it easy for him to do his attacks and kicks. At least this seemed his plan, until he started speaking with the Innkeeper!


The Innkeeper came over (this Coppernose) and inquired on our needs and told us his was one of the few that were of a size to house larger sized individuals. We ordered the house special, flank of goat or some such, but then Omega started inquiring about some special fire ale or fire whiskey, or some such drink. This peaked Coppernose’s interest and they started an intense conversation on how Omega knew about such a thing and how rare (expensive!) such a thing would be if he did have one. Omega was excited (the first time I’ve seen him such!) when Coppernose said he did have a flask of this drink but has not opened it yet, as no one has inquired about it before. Omega jumped at the change to get a taste of this drink and even agreed to paying 10g (!!) for a shot of it. The others all decided to partake of it as well. Am I the only one noticing the glimpses the remaining gnomes are sending our way? It seemed a steady stream of the patrons have been leaving the tavern, with few entering. Not uncommon for the hour, but the ones left were all the warriors and the guards that came with us. And they all seemed to have stopped drinking, never a good sign.


After the food arrived, Coppernose brought the shots over to us. They all took the shot and it seemed to immediately effect Omega, Carrisa, and Oog-Rok. The first two started “whispering” about getting more shots. I’m sure they thought they were being quite, but drunks always do. Oog-Rok just giggled!! After a few minutes, Omega and Carrisa rushed to the bar to acquire another shot. Neferiti followed them, to keep them out of trouble, I’m assuming, then waved at the table for help. Idrather went to help her and I stayed with the goblin, who was uncommonly quite since our arrival to city! After a small conversation, the other two received more drinks and then Omega came running back to the table, tried to do a flip off of something (maybe he misjudged the placement of a table or chair) and ended up on his head and completely unconscious. Neferiti decided to put the half of our party that was drunk to bed. We received the location of our rooms (the top floor at the back of the hall) and we placed them into their perspective beds and the remaining of us went back downstairs. After a period of time, a conscious but still inebriated Omega and Carrisa made their way downstairs. Lady Kellien came back and stated we had been granted an audience with the council in three days and until that time we would be allowed to roam the city, under escort, as we wished. Coppernose tried to wring us for information, saying that an audience with the council was rare and we must have dire news if we were granted one. We didn’t give him any information, mush have been frustrating for a barkeep! But he did tell us that the council was made up of elected officials from their perspective castes, not sure if that makes our job easier or harder.


After a good night’s sleep, we gathered downstairs and were informed that the free stay was only for one night and we would have to pay for the rest of our stay ourselves. I wanted a room where we could all be together but there was no private rooms large enough, so we ended up getting three private rooms. We went separate ways to explore the city: Neferiti and Carrisa went shopping, Idrather and I went to the Library and Magic areas, and Omega and Oog-Rok (still don’t know if that was wise) went off looking for gods know what! I was able to find a scroll with a spell I can learn once these bracelets are off. Then we went in search of the library. We had trouble with the head curator at first, until Idrather showed her the pass Lady Kellien had given us, she then grudgingly and disrespectfully, inquired on our needs. Idrather pulled an old tome with the markings of his god on it and inquired on if they could decipher it. Doesn’t the fool realize I can cast a spell that would allow me to read any language? The curator changed her tone as soon as she opened the tome and started to look through the pages. She announce that she couldn’t decipher it without some research, but Idrather would not leave it with them. Next, we went to a temple to his god and he asked the priest there if they could read it. (I’m sure I told him before I could cast that spell) They also were excited to see the writing but also stated they could not read the inscriptions without some research. Idrather agreed to leave it with them. (fool) We headed back to the Inn, I expected for one of the others to have been arrested or some such, but they were all there (again Oog-Rok has been unusually calm. Did the bracelets have an side effect to him? Could we use them for him for good?)


Now we just await the meeting with the council to tell them of the Draco Liche’s and Temple’s interest in this new magic they found and their decision on what to do about this. The party will also have to decide what to do after delivering the information. It seems we have wondered from one thing to the next since the Temples announcement just over week ago (has so short of time passed with so drastic of changes?) with no idea on what we plan to do, besides the immediate task. Maybe I should ask my new friends for help finding the “force for good” if the Gnomes are not it.


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